Treating Sprained Ankles Woodland Hills

Male runner who has sprained his ankle


What is a Sprained Ankle?

A sprained ankle occurs when one or more of the ligaments of the ankle complex is sprained or torn.

A sprained ankle most commonly occurs when a person lands awkwardly on his or her foot causing an overstretching of the ligaments thus resulting in pain and instability in the ankle joint. The ankle ligaments hold the bones of the foot together providing the stability and functionality that the ankle/foot complex requires. It is the instability and decreased functioning of the ligaments that inhibit walking (after a sprained ankle).


Types of Sprained Ankles

Inversion (lateral) ankle sprains are the most common type of sprained ankle.
An inversion ankle sprain is a sprain of the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and is the most commonly sprained ligament in the body (responsible for 90% of sprained ankles). It occurs when the foot is over-inverted.

Eversion (medial) ankle sprains are a less common type of ankle sprain.

An eversion ankle sprain is a sprain of the deltoid ligaments affecting the medial aspect of the ankle and occurs when the foot is over-everted.

High ankle sprains occur when there is a forceful outward twisting of the foot – when the connective tissues that connect the large bones of the leg (tibia and fibula) are over-twisted. This twisting motion is associated with sports movements that require quick lateral motion otherwise known as cutting.

Three (3) Grades of Ankle Sprains

Grade 1 Ankle Sprains occur when there is mild damage to the affected ligament. The result is no ankle instability.

Grade 2 Ankle Sprains occur when there is a partial tear of the ligament which has become overstretched and loose resulting in some ankle instability.

Grade 3 Ankle Sprains occur when there is a complete tear of the ligament that is stretched resulting in severe ankle instability.


How Your Woodland Hills Chiropractor Is Treating Sprained Ankles

We, as a uniquely qualified Woodland Hills chiropractor, look at your overall health, focusing not only on treating sprained ankles, but also on your lifestyle related to diet and the amount and type of daily exercise you get. This integrated approach to treating sprained ankles helps determine the best treatment. To help identify the cause of your sprained ankle, we will discuss your symptoms and previous injuries, your family health history, and your lifestyle, including recreational and work related physical activities.

Treating Sprained Ankles - Woodland Hills ChiropractorWe are uniquely qualified to restore the health of and successfully treat sprained ankles, elbow pain, low back pain, foot pain, spine pain, neck pain, and pain relief to your extremities. Special chiropractic techniques may relieve the pressure that is causing the pain associated with your sprained ankle. After locating the misalignment in your ankle, we manually apply gentle pressure and reposition the bones. These chiropractic adjustments can help restore alignment, improve mobility, and treat sprained ankle pain and stiffness.

Elite Sports Medicine may recommend other types of treatment for sprained ankles. These may include moist heat, ice packs, massage, traction, or stretching and strengthening exercises. We can discuss these with you.

Elite Sports Medicine offers five chiropractic clinics that treat sprained ankles in Los Angeles County: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles (LAX), Lancaster, Montebello, and West LA.