Pediatric Chiropractic Woodland Hills

Massage therapist massaging baby

It is important for parents to know that during their child’s formative years, spinal problems can occur for a variety of reasons. Whether it is learning how to crawl, walk or play, poor postural habits can constantly stress your child’s spine and this is where Elite Sports Medicine’s pediatric chiropractic can help. Spinal conditions left untreated in children may eventually degenerate causing more serious issues later in a child’s life.

So many childhood complaints are disregarded as “growing pains” when the root of the problem is the spine. Regular child chiropractic check-ups and spinal screenings can help ensure that your child matures without major health complaints seen later in life.

If diagnosed and treated early enough, young children’s spinal conditions recover rapidly and the majority of the time completely.

One of the best examples of this is with the condition known as Scoliosis.

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. It usually occurs during the developmental years and is often considered only treatable with confining braces or surgery.

Child chiropractic in conjunction with advanced techniques and specific rehab protocols has a long record of success treating children with scoliosis.

A study published in a scientific journal (JMPT 2001) showed an actual decrease in the scoliosis curvature of patients that underwent child chiropractic care. The head of the study, Dr. Charles Lantz, DC, PhD stated… “Chiropractic appears to offer a distinct advantage in the management and monitoring of early stage scoliosis.”

What to take away from this study is that the sooner a child begins conservative chiropractic treatment, the more beneficial the change in the curvature.

Another study showed that “the combined use of spinal manipulation and postural therapy appeared to significantly reduce the severity of the Cobb angle in all 19 subjects.” (BMC Muscoloskelet Disorders 2004)

Elite Sports Medicine offers five pediatric chiropractic clinics in Los Angeles County: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles (LAX), Lancaster, Montebello, and West LA.