Car Accident Chiropractors

Man with neck pain suffered in a car accident


>Car accidents are unnerving occurrences in life, especially in Los Angeles. We regularly see them occur or witness the aftermath as we drive to and from work. But, then it happens to us. The first thing we think is “am I ok?” followed by the damage to our car, truck, or motorcycle, then insurance and getting the damage repaired, and then how late we’re going to be to work. Unless there is a restrictive injury that prevents us from going to work that day, we just don’t consider non-symptomatic or long-term effects to our health and thus, don’t consider chiropractic treatment after a car accident.

It is highly advisable that you schedule an appointment with a car accident chiropractic doctor so we can assess non-symptomatic (and symptomatic) issues as a result of your car accident. We are conveniently located in Woodland Hills and in Los Angeles, right around the corner from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Sepulveda.

Some common after-effects of car accidents are joint pain, muscle spasms, and whiplash, especially in rear-end collisions. Most of the trauma will be to the spine which has experienced an unnatural amount of force to its joints. As personal injury chiropractors, treatment immediately after the car accident will address your trauma and expedite healing.


We Are Car Accident Doctors On Lien

Elite Sports Medicine chiropractors work as doctors on lien which means that we treat your personal injury pain from a car accident without charging you any out-of-pocket fees.